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PICTURE 1 & 2 These are open knockouts (or twistouts). The cause of this condition is normally due someone removing a circuit breaker and leaving an opening. This condition could allow for a number of problems to happen. Bees or other insects, mice or rats could build nests inside the electrical panel, water intrusion could

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What’s wrong in this picture?

A home inspection performed by a seasoned home inspection professional can alert you to potential problems. These problems could be related to health and safety, resulting in potential damage, or could just be routine maintenance items. Some items may be very costly to repair, while others can be relatively inexpensive. A Home Inspection has the

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Why you don’t need to sell your home to have it inspected

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Having your home inspected will give you a better understanding of the structure in which you and your family live. It will provide you a list of maintenance items that may require immediate attention and even protect your family. Termites and other pests

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5 mistakes buyers and sellers make with home inspections

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin By Dana Dratch • Bankrate.com What is a home inspection A home inspection is a mainly visual evaluation of a home’s condition. Home inspectors typically provide inspection services to determine the performance of the home. The inspection isn’t just about identifying problems with

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