What’s wrong in this picture?

A home inspection performed by a seasoned home inspection professional can alert you to potential problems. These problems could be related to health and safety, resulting in potential damage, or could just be routine maintenance items.
Some items may be very costly to repair, while others can be relatively inexpensive. A Home Inspection has the potential to save the buyer a good deal of money. And Home Inspectors are a friend to the Real Estate Agent’s agenda of a result between buyer and seller that leaves both feeling treated fairly, and being happy with results.

Some items found in my inspection are very real safety issues that could lead to damage, fire, and/or injury.
One of the common problems I find revolves around water heaters. Drip pans are required beneath water heaters installed after July of 2004. They are also recommended by the manufacturer. The drip pan collects the water that has leaked out. The pan, when properly installed prevents damage to the surrounding walls, floors, or ceilings. The termination point of the pan drain must be visible. The drain cannot terminate inside the home, attic, or beneath the home to prevent water intrusion, mold, and/or damage.

Some jurisdictions require that permits be pulled when replacing a water heater. By getting a permit, the governing agency will come out after installation and sign off on the permit once they determine the unit has been correctly installed.
Always check with your local jurisdiction (City, County, or State) for regulations before replacing a water heater.

#1 So what’s wrong with this picture?

Ok, this has nothing to do with home inspections, but I had to throw it in due to the current situation we all face. So here it is… Lack of social distancing! Let’s all be safe and Shelter in place. When you must go out, remember to stay 6 feet apart and practice frequent hand-washing!!!

#2 So what’s wrong with this picture?

This is an example of improper termination of a water heater pan drain. The purpose of the pan is to collect water if the water heater should leak. The termination should be visible so that you can see if the water heater is leaking. In this picture, the termination is visible, however the where it terminates is improper. In this picture the drain terminates in the same location as the pan. If this water heater should leak, the pan will not have fulfilled its purpose. Since the drain allows the water to stay in the same area, damage to the surrounding walls or floors can happen. The termination point allows the leak to drain under the home.

#3 So what’s wrong with this picture?

In this picture, the problem with the termination point is the same, but there are other issues.
The PTR (pressure and temperature relief) drain line terminates inside the drip pan. This is improper because if the valve opens up due to pressure or high temperature, it will usually come out very hot and/or under high pressure, thus the water could splash up and prevent the water from being turned off due to inaccessibility.

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